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Small Dog Bad Behavior Syndrome

Everybody loves to keep a pet at home, and cute small dogs are everybody’s favourite pets. However, the attractive small pet dogs often amaze and mesmerize the owner with their naughty activities. These jolly activities of the small dogs seem lovable, but sometimes they seem to be notoriously bad.

If you are also suffering from small dogs’ bad behaviour, then you should try to solve the problem by teaching them how to behave. The first step towards teaching good manners is to explore and learn the reasons that cause bad behaviour in the dogs.

What Causes Bad Dog Behavior?

By knowing the situations and actions or things that instigate bad behaviour in your dog, and by learning how badly your small dog acts in the presence of those things, or those situations or actions going around, you can easily teach the dog how to avoid reacting notoriously and how to act properly in a well-behaved manner.

small dog bad behaviour syndrome is often observed whenever a new guest appears and knocks on the front door. You can plan a regular practice session for your dog that will tend him to forget the bad behaviour instigated by the guest’s menacing presence through knocking on the door and acquiring an easier and well-behaved manner to react in such a situation.

The small dog will act erratically as it would be disturbed by knocking on the door and ringing the bell, but as you will keep commanding him with the simple sit, stand, stay calm commands, the small dog will learn to behave calmly such instigating situations. You can only further the behavioural session for the dog by including a real stranger as a guest in your home. Call some of your friends to your home who is still not familiar with your small dog. The dog will get irritated with the stranger knocking on the door, calm the small dog down with a similar set of commands, and then let your friend come in, the dog may show some erratic behavior. Follow the same steps and give proper commands to your dog about how to behave when a stranger comes in. With proper care and better practice of commands, the dog will learn how to behave. Similarly, you can teach the dog how to remain well mannered while you take your dog out for a stroll or you take your pet with you in a shopping mall.

The practice session may take the following steps

  • Practice the sit and stay commands with the small dog in front of the closed door.
  • You may take help of a family member in this practice session to act as a guest.
  • Let the member who is taking part in this behavioral session for the dog to wait outside the door for a while.
  • After some time, while you are practicing simple sit and stay an stand command with your cute lovable small dog, ask the other member to knock on the door or ring the bell which, you have noticed earlier to cause bad behavior in the dog.

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