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Dachshund Jack Russell Cross

The Jackshund can be described as a hybrid dog, a cross between the Jack Russell Terrier or Dachshund breeds. These pups are affectionate, playful, and lively. They inherited many of the best traits from their two parents. This mix of personalities and appearances makes for an attractive, fun dog.

The Jackweenie is also known as the Jackshund. This dog was bred to highlight desirable traits of each breed. Please consider adopting if you are interested in adding one of these dogs to your family. They can be found at rescues or shelters that specialize in breeding. Adopt! Don’t shop!

Learn More about this Breed


    • The Jackshund can be described as a mixed-breed dog. They are not purebreds, unlike their Jack Russell Terrier and Dachshund parents.
    • Jackshund coat colors include cream, black, brown and brown. The nose is always black, and the eyes are always brown.
    • Your Jackshund’s coat type will determine the grooming requirements. The longer coats of Jackshunds should be brushed and trimmed frequently. Even the shortest Jackshund’s coat should be brushed once a week.
    • Dachshunds need to be active and energetic. They should get 45 to 90 minutes of exercise each day. This could include a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
    • Dachshunds are great with children if they are socialized early. Supervising interactions with children as young as possible is important, just like with all dogs.
    • Dachshunds are good with other pets. However, if socialization is not possible early on, keeping them in a single-pet home might be best. It’s best to avoid Jackshunds interacting with rodents and other small animals, as this can make it difficult to suppress their hunting instincts.
    • Dachshunds are stubborn and can jump high. Higher fences will be helpful, but you must ensure that the fence is not higher than Jackshunds’ jump.


  • Although Jackshund’s exact history is unknown, intentionally mixing breeds to create “designer dog” breeds has been a popular trend since at least the 1980s. This is done to highlight the best traits of each breed while minimizing health problems, such as the back problems that dachshunds can often experience due to their long spines.


  • Depending on the size of their parents, Jackshunds may be small or medium in size. Dachshunds inherit the long spines of their Dachshund parents.
  • They are typically between 15 and 28 pounds and eight to 23 inches high. The size of males and women is almost identical.


  • Dachshunds can be happy, playful, and energetic. They are great friends and won’t mind being left alone for too long. Dachshunds are a strong breed with a stubborn streak and strong personality, so it is crucial to socialize and train them early. This will help them become less sensitive to strangers, animals, and children. This will help them to distinguish between indoor and outdoor behavior.


  • The Jackshund could inherit from their parents the worst genetic predispositions. This is true for all mixed breeds.

Take care

  • You should ensure your Jackshund has regular veterinary visits to catch any health issues early. Your veterinarian can help you create a routine to keep your dog healthy.
  • Dachshunds need to be active and energetic. This is good news for those who want to curb their tendency to gain weight. Because of their small size, they can be used in both an apartment and a house setting.


  • A Jackshund should have a balanced diet suitable for small to medium-sized dogs, depending on their Jackshunds. It should also be high in energy. Overfeeding Jackshunds can lead to obesity. Talk to your vet about food recommendations and treatment.


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