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Do Dog Goggles Make Sense?

Dog goggles may be worth your consideration if your dog enjoys going on adventures as much as you do. It would be best if you also considered protecting your dog’s eyes from danger. There are many situations where you would need to use goggles.

Dog goggles can protect your pet’s eyes from any irritants while on car rides. Dogs with eye problems such as conjunctivitis and glaucoma may also benefit from wearing goggles. The good news is that most dogs will be comfortable wearing goggles no matter what occasion it’s worn.

Let’s look at the circumstances in which goggles might be required, how they can protect your dog, and what to consider when buying new goggles.

What do goggles do for dogs?

Goggles for dogs are designed to fit your pet’s eyes like goggles that you would wear to see underwater. Sunglasses, on the other hand, are more open. Protect your pet’s eyes against dust, debris, and other elements with goggles.

Goggles can protect your dog’s eyes from the sand if you love the beach. Goggles can protect your eyes from the wind and debris that blows along the highway. After your dog is comfortable wearing sunglasses, it’s time to get a pair of goggles for travel.

Dog goggles are more than just protection. The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that goggles with UV protection can benefit dogs suffering from conjunctivitis, eye disease, and glaucoma. Cataract-prone dogs may also benefit from ultraviolet-blocking lenses. They can improve visual clarity.

What are the Best Uses of Goggles?

If you are going to do anything that could cause eye irritations, excessive sunlight or other damage to your dog’s eyes, you should use dog goggles. It’s a good idea to use them whenever you wear sunglasses or goggles. Dog goggles are great for taking along on car rides to ensure your dog’s eyes are protected. Keep a pair of goggles onboard your boat to protect their eyes from salt. A pair of sunglasses can be left poolside to protect your dog’s eyes from chemicals.

You should always have a pair of glasses on hand for your dog if they have an eye condition.

What should I know before buying a pair?

Without some training, your dog won’t be able to tolerate goggles. However, there are some things you can do to make it easier.

  • Function First, understand why you are buying them. Do they suit a dog who spends a lot of time outside? You will want to look for goggles that provide UV protection if you have a dog who spends a lot of time in the sun. You might consider mask-type goggles, one large frame that covers both eyes and protects them individually.
  • Style: The shape of your dog’s goggles could be a significant factor. According to the AKC, some styles don’t suit large-sized, round-eyed breeds like the Boston Terrier. Other styles will work better with these breeds.
  • Comfort: When considering comfort, check the head strap of your dog’s goggles. Many strap options and lengths might work for different dogs, just like when you buy a harness. The product’s measurements can be used as a guide. However, it is important to measure your dog’s head to determine how the goggles will fit.

You can consult your local veterinarian or behaviourist if you are unsure which pair to choose or how to teach your dog to use goggles comfortably. You may be able to help narrow your search to find the right pair for your dog. You can then go back to the great outdoors and build that bond while you explore and adventure together.


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