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Dog Agility Equipment

Agility is great for bonding with your dog and whether you are competing or not. A dog and its handler must complete an obstacle course in agility as accurately and quickly as possible. This very athletic event requires teamwork, concentration, and training. You don’t need to compete to enjoy it. Backyard agility classes can be a great way for your dog to get exercise and stimulation and establish trust with you.

Agility equipment for dogs

Jumps, weave courses, and tunnels are the most common pieces of agility gear. You can use every piece or just a few basic pieces of competition equipment.

Open Tunnel

The tunnel is approached from all angles. A dog will run at maximum speed towards the tunnel entrance, running through it quickly and then exiting the tunnel. It’s one of the easiest obstacles you can master, so this is a great starting point.

The shape-shifting tunnel measures 18 feet in length and has a width of 24 inches. It is lightweight, durable, portable, and easy to use.


Dogs can jump over the panel, bars, or triple jump from a distance of at least 10 feet and at any angle. For rearranging the course, you’ll need something that can be carried around and is lightweight. Take this example:

 You can adjust the height of the bar to eight levels, increasing it as your dog masters. You will receive four jumping bars, eight high visibility cones and height-adjustment attachments.

 Four portable, adjustable jumps can be set up anywhere. They have heights from 4- to 24 inches. The jumps are made from furniture-grade PVC and come with a carry bag and vinyl tape to mark the jumps.

Weave Poles

The dog moves at full speed to the right of each pole. He has focused straight ahead and weaves through each pole at top speed, keeping his eyes on the center line.

You can adjust the six poles to make them straight or off-center.

They are simple to assemble and conform to competition guidelines.

This basic agility equipment can be enhanced with additional obstacles for competition.

Dog Agility Kits

This kit includes an adjustable jump, weave sticks, a tire jump and a tunnel. It is strong, sturdy, and easy to assemble. This great starter kit might not be suitable for smaller dogs. The price is likely lower than what each piece would cost individually.

An adjustable tire jump, single/double-bar jump, weave poles and a tunnel are all you need to get your dog interested in agility. Perfect for backyard enthusiasts.

 Although this set isn’t complete, it will give you and your dog a great start. It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble.

Even if you don’t intend to compete in agility, basic equipment can give your dog and your endless hours of entertainment, exercise, bonding, and entertainment.

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