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Dogs With Short Spine Syndrome

What’s Short Spine Syndrome?

This is a severe reduction in the spine column/vertebrae column. Dogs will have a shorter hunchback look because their vertebrae are compressed.

What signs are there for Short Spine Syndrome?

The vertebrae become compressed, causing a severe shortening in the spine. The cartilage seems to hold the vertebrae in their original form. They don’t harden like other dogs. Their spines are less flexible than regular doggie spines because some of their vertebrae have been fused. Although the neck looks missing, the skull is fused to the spine. Instead of turning their heads, they must turn their whole body around to see what they want. Their backs are sloping, which gives them the appearance of having a hunchback. Dogs with twisted tails will have shorter tails than normal. Although the dog’s legs will appear normal, they will be barrel-chested and have fewer ribs than other dogs.

This rare condition is extremely rare. It is not well-known. Only 10 dogs have it as of 2016.

Short Spine Syndrome dogs can have difficulties living a normal life, eating normal activities and leading normal lives. However, their lifespans will be normal.

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