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Dog Whistles to Stop Barking

It can become a minor nuisance if your neighbor’s dog barks at you. Barking dogs that don’t belong to you could disrupt your sleep, cause anxiety, or create a headache.

Barking can cause misbehavior in your dogs.

How do you get your neighbor’s dog quiet? These are some steps to follow.

Talk to your neighbor.

It’s important not to get mad at your dog, no matter how tempting it may seem. The dog is just a dog.

Instead, contact your neighbor. It’s possible that they don’t know there is a problem when the dog barks at them while they are away from home or at work. They may be aware that barking is a problem and are trying to fix it.

Do not make assumptions or accuse others. Approach after you have had some time to relax.

Meet your neighbor. Handwritten notes are best ignored. They don’t encourage dialogue. It is important to communicate with your neighbor’s dog about the issues that you are having.

If they are new parents or don’t have any experience with dogs, you can refer them to useful training guides such as this one. Or recommend a local trainer.

Block the Dog’s View

Dogs can bark if they sense you are moving in on their territory.

You may notice that the neighbor’s dog barks whenever you enter their yard.

This barking can be prevented by blocking the dog’s view using a fence, a screen or privacy bushes and trees. Dogs will be less likely to perceive you as a threat if they can’t see you.

Be friends with your dog.

You might still be able for the dog to detect your presence by smell or to hear you. If they continue to bark, it is time to introduce you to them, so they know you are not a danger.

Ask your neighbor if they would like to meet your dog. You may find that the dog does not see you as an intrusion.

Because you don’t often go outside, you might be surprising your dog. You might want to spend more time in your yard if the dog seems startled. This will ensure that the dog doesn’t become bored of you when you’re around.

Use a Whistle or Noise Emitter

Positive reinforcement is the best method to train dogs. However, if you don’t take training seriously from your neighbor, you may have to correct their barking behavior.

The dog whistle is a low-frequency sound that doesn’t disturb people or dogs but can be annoying to any pet who can hear it.

Whistle a good shake when the neighbor’s dog starts barking. Although it may initially cause more barking, the pup may begin to associate the annoying whistle sound with their barking and stop barking.

You can also place high-frequency noise emitters outside. They will respond to your barking and emit a sound similar to your dog’s whistle. This should correct the behavior.

These solutions may work in certain cases but are not always successful. Be aware that barking can be annoying for other dogs nearby, even if they’re not making the noise.

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