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Puppy Timeline: What Puppies Do to Be Dogs

As puppies reach adulthood, there are many stages and milestones that puppy development takes. This puppy timeline will answer all your questions, whether you have adopted a puppy or are just curious about a puppy’s development into a full-fledged dog.

When puppies open their eyes and ears?

Puppy is born deaf and blind with their ears and eyes closed. Newborn pups learn to feel and smell the world for the first two weeks. The third week is when their eyes and ears are fully developed, which gives tiny pups a new way of experiencing life. This happens because puppies are born with their brains still developing, unlike other mammals with longer gestation periods.

How puppies learn to bark?

When puppies can hear their mother’s sounds, they imitate them. Puppy’s ability to hear their mother is evident as soon as they open their ears. Soon, the soft grunts become full-fledged barking and whining.

How puppies learn to walk?

Around the same time that their senses develop, puppies start to stand. They begin to take their first steps on their own by the third week.

How puppies learn to play?

When puppies are mobile, they soon learn to walk and play with their littermates. This is the start of socialization when pups learn what it takes to be a dog from their mother and siblings.

When puppies’ teeth come in?

The puppy timeline is at its third week. Along with the milestones in puppy development, these little puppy teeth are also starting to emerge. They usually have all their deciduous (puppy) teeth by week 8.

How puppies learn to go potty?

Weeks 3-4 are when puppies learn to control their bladder and bowel movements and leave their bed area to relieve themselves.

When puppies start eating solid food?

Although puppies might try to eat mom’s solid food from the moment they get their first teeth, it is not until week four that the mother’s milk production slows down. The permanent transition to solid puppy foods begins for the pups. The weaning process usually takes four weeks, and the puppies are completely weaned by week 8.

How puppies begin to like people?

The fourth week of the puppy timeline is when puppies form emotional bonds and attachments with their family members. Although it is too early for a puppy to be separated from its mother or littermates, this week is a good time to get to know the puppy you are considering adopting.

How puppies need to be socialized?

While puppies learn about the world and social order in their litters by week three of their lives, weeks four through 12 are crucial for socialization. This will make the difference between a dog who behaves well and one with behavioural and emotional problems. The puppies at this stage earlier can interact with other pets and meet new people. However, you will want to ensure your pup is vaccinated.

When puppies must be vaccinated?

The American Kennel Club recommends that puppies receive vaccinations within six to eight weeks. Before a puppy can be adopted, it must have been vaccinated against distemper, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. The pup should be ready for the next round of vaccines between ten to twelve weeks old.

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