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Small Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming and Cleaning Tips for Small Dogs

Just as humans want to keep themselves well-groomed and up-to-date on the fashion calendar, they want their dogs to have the same pleasure and attention. Nowadays, there are many facilities available for carrying out the grooming facilities for your dogs. Even Small Dogs today feel the same joy of experience that we get when we visit a salon. You have to be very careful in selecting a private dog cleaning or grooming place. These places have to be chosen with proper planning. As your Small Dogs are very fragile, having delicate paws and body, selecting a well-trusted grooming saloon should be necessary. It would help if you chose a grooming place that is not drafty or sultry. You must also train your Small Dogs to get used to cleaning and brushing from a very young age. You must use a brush for your dog that is most appropriate for its type of coat.

Cleaning the Ears

You must check the ears of your Small Dogs quite religiously while grooming them. Those dogs having droop ears are on the dangerous side of obtaining ear mites, waxy ears and fungus. Therefore, you must check the ears of your Small Dogs at least once a week. If your do attempts to scratch their ears, puts their paws close to the ears, shake their head, or when you see a great amount of dark ear wax having an unpleasant odour, then it’s a sign of ear infection; hence you must be very careful regarding the cleanliness of your puppy’s ears. Generally, the ears of Small Dogs are very thin and small, and it becomes difficult to find an abnormality.

Cleaning the Teeth’s of the Small Dog

Small Dogs look decent when their teeth’s look clean and tidy. Teeth’s are probably the most important part of your dogs as they use it for chewing, picking up things, licking, eating and playing with toys. Unfortunately, over time the teeth’s of the dogs become dirty, or it decays. Hence you must clean the teeth’s of your toy dog with doggie toothpaste that will be available at your local veterinarian or a pet delivery shop.

Trimming the nails of the Small Dog

Trimming the nails of your Toy Dog is essential as it can cause harm both to the dog as well as the owner. The claws of Small Dogs must be trimmed carefully as it can cause them discomfort. You must perform the same over 2-3 months. You can complete the nail trimming work yourself, or you can go to various dog saloons. It would help if you had good nail trimmers to carry out this purpose. You must trim the nails carefully as many times owners end up hurting their Small Dogs.

Bathing the Small Dog

A Small Dog looks most attractive when it is clean, just like humans. Dogs love to enrol in activities like rolling in the dirt, getting dirty while playing, etc. Hence to maintain the simple hygiene of your dog, you must bathe your dog once a month at least. The other potential problems that bathing eliminates are tick and mite infestations. Bathing also helps to reduce excessive shedding and reducing allergens from your Chihuahua and other breeds of Small Dogs. Bathing time is a perfect time to have a good check at your dog whether or not it’s carrying an injury or allergy. It also helps to keep a check on the skin growth of a dog.

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